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Current Research Programs

CAG conducts innovative research into hereditary diseases and complex traits in animals. Along with academic collaborators around the world, we partner with veterinarians and breeders to identify diseases of concern and interest.

Collecting samples from affected and normal horses, dogs and cats is essential for our research – check with us to see if your breed and disease/trait of interest are currently in our research program.

HorseHealth and Biobank Initiative (HHBI)

CAG is creating a Biobank of hair from horses (for DNA extraction) and health information, from a wide variety of horses and ponies. These samples will be used by scientists to investigate the genetic basis of diseases and complex traits in horses

Seminars and Genetic Counseling

Education is an important part of CAG’s mission. We offer seminars to breeders and veterinarians, as well as genetic counseling to help breeders understand how to understand and incorporate test results into a responsible breeding program.

Other services

CAG provides a variety of services for academic and commercial laboratories.

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